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Education Counselling

The thought of leaving home and staying in a foreign land sometimes becomes a nightmare for students and demotivates them to go for higher studies. Compromising their dreams, they settle in for usual choices. Many a times they get burdened with the plausible questions like: –

  • Is studying abroad really helpful?
  • Where can I study?
  • What are all the documents required for the admission and visa process?
  • Will I be eligible for a scholarship?
  • What are the visa formalities?
  • Where will I stay during the course?

And most importantly, which course will provide long-term returns and a rewarding international career? Global Opportunities very well understand the anxieties of the students and guide them through the process. We provide free counselling, visa assistance; interview preparation; pre-departure counselling and other services to assure that a scholar become a successful global graduate. Considering the area of interest, language proficiency, academic background, co-scholastic accomplishments, and many more such aspects, we help in making a student’s profile through their application that has the maximum chance of acceptance. We already are the possessor of a glorious past of sending more than 40 thousand students abroad and you could be the next!

Country Information

The next important factor that partakes in one’s decision of going to foreign land for further studies is the Land itself! Children get confused in choosing a country owing to their (especially families) concerns over their safety, likeness, adjustment and wellbeing. We at Global Opportunities ease out their tensions regarding this by counselling on Course intended, Scholarships Opportunity, Visa availability, and many such aspects. Through in-person counselling and virtual information communication, we help the students in zeroing it down to their favourite destination of convenience.

Selection of course

The first step in ascending the ladder of success through higher foreign degree is to choose the right subject of interest. It not only gives a direction towards career but also helps in providing the required exposure to the student. Education experts at Global Opportunities identify the career goals and relate it with the academic background of the student and counsel them to find the most suitable course available. Our counsellors along with the International Universities have restructured the course list to update the students with the latest information. The list can be taken from our nearest offices apart from free education counseling.

Admission Guidance

Today is a time of Information. Students when applying for admissions get a lot of information that may or may not serve their purpose. Every institution follow their own admission criteria and a student applying for as many universities as to be secured, gets easily confused with the process. In this state of chaos, it becomes difficult to come to a conclusion. Global Opportunities then steps in and make the decision taken swiftly for the children. Our high acceptance rate has made Global Opportunities, India’s leading education consultant.

Financial Estimation

As we all know that the cost of the course plays a vital role in taking a decision for accepting the University by a student. There are high chances of students not going for higher education due to financial issues. Therefore, right guidance and expert advice helps in clearing the doubts to a major extent. Global Opportunities with their financial advisors on board, is highly qualified in handling such matters. Through information on scholarships and financial assistance offered by some Private and Government firms, they quickly solve the problems of the students.


An utmost consideration for a family to send their child out for higher studies is Safety. Keeping this in mind, Global Opportunities have collaborated with more than 300 education institutions that are placed in the safest countries of the world (as proclaimed by UNESCO). These are Canada, US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Singapore, Dubai, Ireland and Malaysia to brief a few. Safe environment during study helps the student to continue a stress-free education while enjoying the foreign life.

Career Abroad

Once, a student is through with the studies abroad, Global Opportunities move a step ahead in giving them the right career counselling for jobs in their host country. There are many fraudulent agents around the world that lure students with false promises. Some innocent children without any professional guidance sometimes get duped easily by these fake people. These jobs actually help students into working for unscrupulous employers for long period without pay against the local law. Our expert career counsellors, help these youngsters by giving right advice on all career opportunities available during and after the study.

We hope these stepladders will help you make up your mind to choose Global Opportunities as a catalyst towards your dreams of a bright future. Register with us to get free education counselling from our expert counsellors.

Visa Assistance

Owing to the on-going threats in world at large, many countries change their Visa processes regularly. At times, students being oblivious to such changes end up getting rejected for Visa approvals. Our Global Opportunities team of ex – visa officials possessing the necessary knowledge and experience, supervise the students through the whole cumbersome Visa process to make it easy and viable. Not only that, Global Opportunities has also gained a trust with the education visa consultants at the embassies and high commissions around the world. In a way, our reputation regularises the Visa taking process for a student heading for their dream study destination.

Accommodation Guidance

Choosing the form of accommodation abroad can be a very challenging task, especially when one wants to stay in a quality yet affordable accommodation. Each country offers innumerable options that support the budget of a student. However, choosing the accommodation that has best access to transport and job location is essential as this can greatly affect the spending quota by as much as 20%. Surprisingly, these savings can be treated as a ‘mini scholarship’. Our accommodation advisors furnish you with sufficient information about the suitable accommodation and also help you by giving senior contacts which were sent in previous intakes by Global Opportunities to study abroad.

Travel Guidance

Global Opportunities even provide the students with comprehensive travel information that helps in curbing the cost of the overall study abroad package. The huge fluctuation in the airfare because of the invasive competition between aircraft carriers in the global market these days, flying in a suitable airline needs a careful attempt. The budget of staying abroad can be calibrated by choosing the correct airline. Also, the usage of public transports of the host country can be used often to maintain an economical stay. Such tips like students pass, or cheapest mode of communication, are informed to the students in advance for a comfortable stay.