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Studying abroad has become a trend these days, every student today dreams of a great education and career. Although it may sound easy but moving out for study is a vast and lengthy process, one requires a lot of thinking and planning. To make this process much easier and smooth, students can always look for experienced Overseas Education Consultants in Bangalore. Meeting a consultant can provide great guidance and help throughout the abroad journey, students are provided with services like admission consulting, course-related information, visa application, document verification, financial budgeting, accommodation, and many more.

Thus if students wish to fulfill their dream of getting into their dream college they should look up for best and most trusted Study Overseas Consultants in Bangalore.

Why Study Abroad?

Studying abroad is a global phenomenon, students from all over the world leave their home, family and comfort zone just in search of better education that would make their life brighter. Given below are a few reasons pointed on why studying abroad is beneficial for students:

Learn about new cultures
One of the most interesting reasons behind studying abroad is that students get to learn and witness different new cultures. Students will get a chance to expand their cultural knowledge, they will come across different foods, festivals, traditional clothes, languages, music, traditions, and customs.

Top-quality education
This is the main reason why students migrate to different countries is because of the quality of education. There are many countries all around the world known as educational hubs that provide better quality education of any specific course. Thus, students prefer going abroad to attain better overall education.

Career opportunities
Getting an international degree automatically improves your chances for greater career opportunities. Employers and HR often seek international graduates and experienced students for their companies. Therefore, studying abroad can help in advancing students’ career prospects.

Making new friends
Getting into an international college surely helps in making many new friends belonging to different communities and countries. Students will get a chance to increase their circle, learn about different cultures, and make their life more happening. As the majority of lifelong friendships begin in college only.

How to Study abroad?

Studying abroad can be accomplished in a variety of ways. However, you should choose the one that best suits your needs and interests. Leaving your country for studying is a big step and must be done carefully or else it can turn bad. Thus, you should consult an Abroad Education Consultant in Bangalore and be on a safer side.

Directly Enroll Yourself in A College
This is one of the most commonly used methods by students who wish to study abroad. After finalizing the college you want to roll into, just visit its official page on the internet and check its admission process and period. Now fill out the admission application and wait until you receive an acceptance letter from the college.

Study Abroad Programs For Indian Students
There are lots of educational companies that enjoy partnerships with colleges abroad, thus they provide abroad programs for worthy students. You can enroll yourself in programs like Davidson College Study Abroad Program, the University of Iowa Study Abroad Program, and The Alliance for Global Education which is especially open for Indian students. One must check all the requirements for each program before enrolling in it or get in touch with Study Overseas Consultants in Bangalore.

Study Abroad Scholarships for Indian Students
Another great way of studying abroad is with the help of international scholarships. The Indian government and many foreign countries provide special scholarships for students belonging to India. Students can research the available scholarships and enroll themselves, as it will help them greatly with their finance and budget. One can receive a scholarship ranging from 10% to a complete scholarship, thus it is never a bad option to apply for one.

Top Study Abroad Destination

Choosing to study overseas is never a bad decision, although students find it difficult to select the best destination for themselves. Thus, with great research Overseas Education Consultants in Bangalore has created a list of a few study destinations best for Indian students:

  • USA
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • England
  • France
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • China
  • Canada

Our Services 

Education Counseling
Our counselors are experts in overseas education and are willing to go above the line to find your ideal program and location. Thus, we provide the best and most interactive educational counseling to students.

Selection of Course
Making a decision about where and what to study abroad can be very difficult as there are so many colleges and courses available to select from. We provide step-by-step assistance in finding a course that aligns with your career objectives!

Admission Guidance
Whether your application is online or on paper we pay keen attention to it. We make sure that your necessary paperwork is carefully assembled. We work hard to process a well-presented, and error-free application.

Financial Estimation
We help you by providing a complete financial plan covering all aspects of higher education including college fees, cost of books, and accommodation in such a way that it fits within your budget.

Scholarship Assistance
Our knowledgeable members are keen to help you with scholarship-related queries. We will assist you in locating the opportunities that best fit your profile and securing the ones you truly deserve.

Documentation Preparation
Our expert members are fully versed in all the documentation and formalities that need to be done to make your journey smooth. Thus, trusting us for abroad education consultation is a great choice.

Accommodation and Insurance Assistance
We’ll assist you in locating a residence that best fits your needs in terms of both price and lifestyle. We also provide insurance and loan-related pieces of information to students to make their life more secure overseas.

Immigration Consultation
We provide the best immigration consultation services, ensuring a smooth application process for your visa.

Test Preparation
For the best preparation for the IELTS, TOEFL, and SAT you can trust us and our faculty who make sure that the students give their best effort.

Visa Services
We’ll walk you through the application procedure and assist you in assembling the necessary paperwork for your visa submission.

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