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Looking for the expert overseas education consultants in Chennai to study abroad? As part of our comprehensive overseas education counseling service, you will receive detailed information about the courses available, the exams required for admission and visa purposes, as well as the costs associated with studying in your chosen country. Our team of experienced overseas education consultants in Chennai will provide you with guidance throughout the entire process. Providing assistance with obtaining your admission and visa (including preparing and verifying visa documents and following up on visa applications with embassies).

We have successfully assisted a remarkable number of students from India, from diverse backgrounds, in achieving their educational objectives. We take pride in successfully assisting several students coming from diverse backgrounds to achieve their educational goals.  It’s your turn now. Share your dreams with us, and we’ll make them come true!

Why Study Abroad?

Study Abroad Consultants in ChennaiThe trend of studying abroad is a global one, with students venturing across countries, continents, and oceans to receive the highest quality education. However, why has studying in a foreign country become so popular? Here are some prominent reasons to study abroad for students in Chennai: 

Top-quality Education
No matter where you study, you will always strive to achieve the highest level of education possible. When planning to study abroad, students can explore a wide range of courses available in different fields. Students have a wide range of study options available to them. After all, why be restricted to universities within your country? In many cases, studying at a foreign university may be the most appropriate choice. For example, a vast majority of the world’s top universities are in the USA, UK, and Australia, which have highly regarded higher education systems. Which are highly regarded for their higher education system.

It’ll look good on your CV
An employer will value your experience living abroad as it indicates you are capable of interacting with people from a variety of cultures and are more adaptable to different circumstances. The ability to explore a new country as well as acquire skills to obtain a decent graduate position is a pretty good combination.

Learn a new language
Among the many benefits of studying abroad is the opportunity to learn a new language. The process of learning a language can be challenging, but there is nothing like living in a country in which the language is spoken natively. It really helps!

Take in a New Culture
When students decide to study abroad, they are often leaving home for the first time. Upon arrival in their new host country, they are awestruck by the differences in cultural perspectives. Studying abroad will expose you to a wide range of new foods, customs, traditions, and social environments.

As a result, you will gain a better understanding and appreciation of the people and history of the country. It will be an opportunity for you to experience a completely new way of life.

How to Study abroad?

Studying overseas can be accomplished in a variety of ways. However, you should choose the one that best suits your needs and interests. 

Book a study abroad program through your university

The majority of students get admission in foreign universities through abroad education consultants in Chennai. This is one of the easiest ways to book a program, since your study abroad credits are almost guaranteed to meet your academic requirements, and the primary fees are generally linked to your tuition payments. 

Third-Party Programs
A wide range of programs are available for college students through organizations such as the Council on International Educational Exchange and IES Abroad. Generally, these experiences are structured to ensure that students take the necessary courses and participate in cultural activities and weekend excursions with their cohorts. As part of these programs, students are usually provided with accommodation and the required fees cover many of the day-to-day expenses.

Direct enrollment in an overseas university
It is possible to study abroad by directly enrolling at a university overseas (a method that is not generally considered by students). Are you surprised to hear that you can attend school in another country even if you are not a citizen? In fact, most colleges and universities abroad welcome international students. It is only one of the numerous benefits of direct enrollment. If you intend to apply to a university that does not offer courses in English, you should be able to speak the local language fairly well. For more information on how you can to do this please contact our overseas education consultants in Chennai.

Unique Experiences
Last but not least, you can find experiences that don’t fit into any of the categories above. For instance, there are some programs that take students on a cruise ship where they attend courses and explore countries along the way. Also, students are eligible to apply for internships, work experiences, or funding for research abroad.

To know more about studying abroad, we recommend connecting with us as we have the in-depth information and experience to help students kick off their studies abroad. During our counseling sessions, we discuss everything from the course you are interested in, to the lifestyle you are seeking. By the end of the session, we assist you in making a customized wish list of colleges and countries.

Scholarship to Study Abroad for Indian Students

There are several government, organization, and university scholarships available for Indian students interested in studying abroad. Here is the list of prominent scholarships offered to Indian students: 

Names Of ScholarshipsOffered By Study Destinations (S)Value
Fulbright-Nehru Research FellowshipsUnited States-India Educational Foundation (US) Funding for tuition and fees, etc. 
Commonwealth ScholarshipsBritish Council (UK)100% Funding 
India Global Leaders ScholarshipUniversity Of Queensland (Australia) 50% of the tuition fee 
Fulbright-Kalam Climate Fellowship United States-India Educational Foundation (US) A monthly stipend, etc.
GREAT Scholarships India Great Britain Campaign and the British Council (UK)Minimum GBP 10,000
The Inlaks Shivdasani ScholarshipsInlaks Shivdasani Foundation (US, UK, Europe) Tuition, living allowance, health allowance for the whole course duration, and one-way airfare

How Much Does it Cost to Study Abroad?

The cost of studying abroad is generally higher than that of studying in one’s own country. Typically, Indian students are expected to budget for the entire academic year of their study abroad or for the duration of the program. Studying abroad is generally associated with the following expenses:

Tuition Fees

Indian students are required to pay higher tuition fees than domestic students when studying abroad in the vast majority of popular destinations. Here is an average idea of tuition fees of different destinations: 

  • United States: 2,609,433 INR to 4,892,688 INR per year.
  • China: 163,089 INR per year.
  • Canada: 962,247 INR – 1,284,355 INR per year.
  • Australia: 820,498 INR – 2,914,156 INR per year.

Textbooks and Supplies

For students who need textbooks and other study materials, some countries include these costs in the tuition fee or charge extra fees. On average, Indian students spend the following amount on textbooks and supplies:

  • United States: 101,155 INR per year.
  • China: 4,894 INR – 8,157 INR per year.
  • Canada: 122,325 INR per year.
  • Australia: 29,358 INR – 88,074 INR per year.


Depending on the study abroad destination, rent and student housing may differ significantly. Some of the most popular countries for Indian students have the following average living costs:

  • United States: 122,318 INR – 252,791 INR per month.
  • China: 12,231 INR – 81,544 INR per month.
  • Canada: 28,540 INR – 40,772 INR per month.
  • Australia: 48,926 INR per month.


Indian students studying abroad rely heavily on public transportation, so they tend to buy monthly tickets to make traveling easier. Transport costs vary significantly between countries with a high number of international students. Listed below are the average transportation costs in some of the most popular study abroad destinations:

  • United States: 7,340 INR – 10,603 INR per month.
  • China: 1,223 INR – 1,631 INR per month.
  • Canada: 2,446 INR – 6,525 INR per month.
  • Australia: 12,234 INR per month.

For more reliable information on the cost to study abroad, connect with our well-versed consultants. 

Top Study Abroad Destination

Here are some of the top study abroad destinations that you can choose pursue higher education:

  • USA
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • France
  • Germany
  • New Zealand
  • Spain
  • China
  • Sweden

Courses You Can Study Abroad

We have compiled a list of the most in-demand subjects that you might consider for your bachelor and master degrees:

Bachelor Courses Master Courses 
Bachelors in Business and ManagementMasters in Management
Bachelors in Computer Science and ITMasters in International Relations
Bachelors in Civil Engineering and ConstructionMasters in Business Administration
Bachelors in ArchitectureMasters in Psychology
Bachelors in Electrical EngineeringMasters in Computer Science
Bachelors in MedicineMasters in Economics
Bachelors in International RelationsMasters in Sports Management
Bachelors in DesignMaster in Design Management

How To Find The Right Country?

The most important step is to select the course in which you are interested. Shortlisting the country will be easier once you are clear about the field/course you wish to pursue.

The United States is credited with originating the MBA program for the first time in the 20th century, and other countries followed suit. There are many top-ranked business schools in the country, with alumni who include former presidents of the United States. Aside from providing practical experience through projects, B-schools in the United States also provide students with exposure to the latest technology and content. 

With its reputation as a world-class education system, the British Educational System is one of the best places to pursue a course in hospitality, travel and tourism, or luxury brand management. It is the fourth largest employer in the hospitality industry, and there are many job openings in this sector in the United Kingdom. 

Hotel Management
It is no surprise that Switzerland is ranked as the best country for hotel management. Did you know that Switzerland is home to the first hotel management institute in the world? The Swiss educational system has become the industry standard for hotel management, hospitality, and applied sciences.

Computer Science
Those interested in computer science might find it worthwhile to consider colleges in China. As reported by CNN, China has more than 3 million IT professionals. In fact, there are twice as many as in any other country on the planet.

Business & Management
Due to its reputation for providing a world-class education to both local and international students, Ireland is an excellent country to study business. University partners in Ireland work closely with industry, and students can take advantage of stellar internships and potential careers.

Healthcare Management
Canada is a top destination for international healthcare management students due to its diverse, welcoming, and inclusive culture. There is an excellent healthcare system that allows everyone to have equal access to medical and healthcare services in Canada. Several universities in Canada offer outstanding healthcare studies programs with a variety of specializations that are internationally recognized.

How to find the right university?

As there are too many opinions available to choose from we would suggest you book a free consultation session with one of our abroad education consultants in Chennai.

Our Services

Education Counseling
Whether you are in high school or college, our education counsellors are ready to help you develop a comprehensive learning plan to get you where you want to be. 

Selection of Course
Our extensive experience working with international students allows us to provide you with guidance based on your interests, aspirations, job outcomes and financial considerations. We also ensure that you select the most appropriate course.

Admission Guidance
Our university admissions specialists provide comprehensive advice on every aspect of the application process. We hold regular counselor meetings to pool our collective experience of the admissions process and keep strict confidentiality standards.

Financial Estimation
Through our financial estimation services, we help budget down all your expenses associated with studying abroad, like tuition fee, pre-arrival costs, visa cost, accommodation cost, and other expenses.

Scholarship Assistance
Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need regarding college funding, scholarships available (which are numerous), how to find them, and how to apply for them. You can rely on us for advice on how to get the best scholarship possible. 

Documentation Preparation
Due to our rich experience in the industry, we are aware of all the necessary documents required to take admission in one of the best universities abroad. Besides, we will also guide you through the visa documentation process.

Accommodation and Insurance Assistance
Using the explore, discover, secure process, we will help you find the most suitable room, close to your university, within your budget, and according to your requirements.

Immigration Consultation
We offer the best immigration consultation services guaranteeing a hassle-free process for you and your family visa.

Test Preparation
Our skilled experts will provide relevant information and resources on standardized tests like TOEFL and SAT. 

Visa Services
Our agents will help you gather all the necessary documents and guide you throughout the visa process until you receive them.

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