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Feedback Form

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Feedback Form

Global Opportunities Pvt Ltd has been in operation since 2001 and has assisted tens of thousands of people with their study abroad around the globe. We would like to continue to do this for many more years to come but we need your feedback to allow us to serve our customers better.

As part of our Continuous Improvement Policy, I would appreciate if you would complete our Feedback/Complaints Form which will help provide valuable information about our services, our staff or anything else you would like to state. The feedback can be positive or negative and may relate to a commendation of a staff member or a long wait for an offer letter. This information will only be seen by the Senior Management and may be kept confidential if you wish.

You may commence the Feedback/Complaints Form at the following Link: CLICK HERE

Thanking you in advance for raising these issues and for your support to Global Opportunities Pvt Ltd.

Best Regards,
Sidharth Gupta
CEO & Founder